Vol. 39 No. 1 (2000)

The 3B/X3 solar flare of 27 February 1992

Published 2000-01-01


  • Solar activity,
  • solar flares,
  • solar magnetic field,
  • magnetohydrostatics (MHS).
  • Actividad solar,
  • fulguraciones solares,
  • campo magnético solar,
  • magnetohidrostática (MHS).

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López Fuentes, M. C., Mandrini, C. H., Rovira, M. G., & Démoulin, P. (2000). The 3B/X3 solar flare of 27 February 1992. Geofísica Internacional, 39(1), 65-71. https://doi.org/10.22201/igeof.00167169p.2000.39.1.298


Active region NOAA 7070 was related to a 3B/X3 solar flare that occurred on February 27, 1992. The soft X-ray flare observations were obtained by the SXT (Soft X-ray Telescope) on board the Yohkoh satellite, and those in Ha from the Udaipur Observatory. The location of the Hα kernels and ribbons, and the shape of soft X-ray loops are compared with the magnetic field model of the AR. Both, observations and model, suggest that the coronal loops are highly sheared before the flare and that the configuration relaxes after energy release. We compute the magnetic free energy at 2X1032 erg; this value is typical for the energy released by solar flares.